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Knowing the latest Learning technology
is not important.

Knowing what to do with it is.

I help companies to create targeted Learning solutions that solve knowledge transfer problems and improve employee job performance

Putting your Powerpoint slides online will not yield results.
That's not eLearning.


Together, we can find the right approach to solve your employee learning & development challenges.

And the good news is that doesn't have to be expensive. You don't have to be a big company to benefit from eLearning.


To be effective, start with an understanding of how the human brain actually learns.

That's neuro-science.
Not an authoring program template.
Not generalizations.
Not "gut" feelings.

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Barry Eames, M.Ed.

I help companies solve digital knowledge transfer problems and optimize employee Learning.

Working primarily from my home office I service clients in the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Peninsula.


I am comfortable in both technical and academic environments, and I understand the neuro science behind learning new skills and effecting behavioural change.

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Knowing the latest Learning technology
is not important.
Knowing what to do with it is.

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Just a little bit difFerent

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Previous Clients & Employers

Private Companies

  • AT&T Canada
  • Beach Sports Academy
  • Canada Invest Direct Inc.
  • Canada Wire & Cable
  • Certain Match ™
  • Chubb Security
  • C I B C (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)
  • Concept Furniture International
  • Delrina Technology
  • Dexagon Inc.
  • Didak Corp.
  • Dunlop Canada
  • Empathica Inc. (now InMoment)
  • Fujitsu Canada
  • Gametronics
  • BancTec (Recognition Canada)
  • Guitars 'n Amps
  • Indesco International
  • L3 Wescam
  • Lummus Company
  • National Bank Financial
  • Omnico Distributors
  • Protective Plastics Ltd.
  • Renaissance travel Inc.
  • Renco Design Ltd.
  • Research Cottrell
  • Rothman Applied Technologies Ltd.
  • Rothman Technologies Inc.
  • Sentry Metrics
  • Technical Service Council
  • TEK Aerospace
  • The Training group

Federal Government

  • Canada Mortgage & Housing
  • Consumer & Corporate Affairs
  • Dept. of National Defence
  • Energy, Mines & Resources
  • Public Works Canada

Educational Institutions

  • Centennial College
  • Etobicoke Board of Education
  • Humber College Child Care Worker Program
  • Learning Skills Development Centre (OISE)
  • North York Board of Education
  • North York Public Library
  • Peel Board of Education
  • Toronto District School Board
  • York University

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video presentation

Animated Video Shorts

"The Climate Scam is a House of Cards"

"Were You Born Before 1980?"

"For Anyone Trying to Talk to me today"

"You Will Never Win Political or Relationship Arguments"

"Duct Tape"

"P-Hacking & Pop Science--How to Prove Anything"

"Your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type is Meaningless"

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Should We Cancel "Cancel Culture"?

The Climate Modelling Farce

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7 Smart Ways to Play Dumb & Save (almost) Any Relationship

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User Experience Design- The Psychology Behind It

Spotting BAD Science

Learning Styles are Harmful

3 Ways to Un-Bore eLearners

Brain Myths

The Robot Apocalypse


Virtue Signaling

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Real Science & Junk Science

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The Feynman Technique -How to Learn Anything

The Forgetting Curve -Revisited

The Spacing Effect

On Being Offended

Stop Saying "So,

Feedback Fallacy

How we Learn

The AI Revolution


Understanding American Politics

Evolution of VR in 42 seconds

Digital Narcissism

6 Digital Learning Design Tips

Left Brain, Right Brain

10 Percent Brain

The eLearning Problem You Solve

The Trouble With the World

No Grey Text!

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Sentry Metrics Case Study

From time to time I am asked to create technical Case Studies and White Papers.
Here is one paper which I wrote for SentryMetrics in support of their work with AMD/ATI. I also designed and formatted the layout.


Technical Seminar Reviews

LANDA logo Local Area Network Dealers Association

I've never had as much fun writing as I did for 3 years for this organization, sadly now defunct. Here are a few of my articles selected from the online edition of their
GateWay news magazine.         Gateway magazine logo
Fair Warning: Offbeat humour in a technical environment can be contagious!

  The LAN that time forgot. Sherman takes a trip in the wayback machine
  WRQ is not a rock station!
  This ain't no disco!
  How to confuse the network support guy (and meet the Maytag repair man)
  "...If I only had a brain"
  "Virtual Networking is one thing. But virtual underwear?
  Goodness gracious, great walls of fire!
  Compaq sets the standard for remote access solutions
  Protecting against the inconceivable
  Member mini profile: PTI Telecommunications
  The institute for computer studies
  Dear user: DOOM has been detected on your computer. Your PC is now locked
  Member mini profile: CNC Office Systems. Hard Copy?


LinkedIn Article

It's the Sun Dumb Dumb!

A rant against anthropogenic climate change hysteria.

the sun

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