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Knowing the latest Learning technology is not important.
Knowing what to do with it is.

Together, we can find the right approach to solve your employee learning & development challenges.

And the good news is that doesn't have to be expensive, and you don't have to be a big company to benefit.

It could be as simple as digitizing your current content or creating job aids.

Yes, it is a digital world

Are your workers scattered across multiple locations? Working different shifts?

What about recurring Compliance Training? Business standards? New Employee onboarding?

And let's not forget Industrial Safety, and Technical skill development.

All can benefit from on-demand 24/7 access to online digital content and guidance.

Some approaches to consider (lower to higher cost)

  • Job Aids: paper or electronic based references
  • Digital Conversion of paper-based content
  • Micro Learning: targets singular point-of-need skill or knowledge
  • eLearning: Custom designed full learning programs
  • Mobile Learning: optimized wireless web access
  • Webinar: live virtual seminars
  • Instructor Led: live classroom seminars
  • Blended Learning: live + electronic
  • Video Based Instruction: new or re-purposed
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Based programs: interactive 3D

Online learning programs can save you time and money.
And everyone can benefit from on demand access.
But to be truly effective, they must be designed using scientifically valid learning principles.

Just dumping content will not yield results.
That's not Learning!

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Knowing the latest Learning technology is not important.
Knowing what to do with it is.

Barry Eames, M.Ed.

Helping companies solve digital knowledge transfer problems and optimize employee Learning.

Mr. Eames works primarily from his home office in the Niagara Region servicing clients primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.

Experienced in
  • Information Technology
  • Teaching, Learning & Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Banking & Financial
  • Engineering & Design

Barry is comfortable in both technical and academic environments, and understands the difference between skills training and effecting behavioural change.

General skill sets
  • eLearning/Instructional Development & Design
  • Training/Learning
  • Education
  • Information Design
  • Management
  • Web Design
  • GUI Design
  • Engineering Drafting & Design
  • Content Development
  • Technical Writing
  • Systems Analysis
  • Guitar Technician

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Clients & Employers

Private Companies

  • Guitars 'n Amps
  • L3 Wescam
  • Empathica Inc. (now InMoment)
  • Beach Sports Academy
  • Certain Match™
  • Sentry Metrics
  • Dexagon Inc.
  • Rothman Technologies Inc.
  • Rothman Applied Technologies Ltd.
  • Canada Invest Direct Inc.
  • National Bank Financial
  • Renaissance travel Inc.
  • AT & T Canada
  • Gametronics
  • BancTec (Recognition Canada)
  • Fujitsu Canada
  • Delrina Technology
  • CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)
  • The Training group
  • TEK Aerospace
  • Didak Corp.
  • Technical Service Council
  • Canada Wire & Cable
  • Protective Plastics Ltd.
  • Renco Design Ltd.
  • Concept Furniture International
  • Lummus Company
  • Omnico Distributors
  • Chubb Security
  • Indesco International
  • Research Cottrell
  • Dunlop Canada

Canadian Federal Government

  • Dept. of National Defence
  • Public Works Canada
  • Canada Mortgage & Housing
  • Consumer & Corporate Affairs
  • Energy, Mines & Resources

Educational Institutions

  • Toronto District School Board
  • York University
  • Peel Board of Education
  • Etobicoke Board of Education
  • North York Board of Education
  • Humber College Child Care Worker Program
  • North York Public Library
  • Centennial College
  • Learning Skills Development Centre (OISE)

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    eames consulting
Just a little bit difFerent